My many years of experience and my outstanding practical skills as a software developer were always in demand and required.  As project manager and team leader it was very important for the implementation of the projects that I perfectly mastered the software development. This is also reflected in my list of exceptional clients.
I am acquired particularly often for the smooth running of software launches. So far I have been 100% successful in releasing stable software systems on time, even with extremely difficult projects.
Due to my many years of experience in the field of software development I am looking for my professional challenge as a senior software developer and team lead or project manager.
As a Java 1.0 programmer from the very beginning, I have been working intensively on the development of software programes since 1997. I studied computer science at the German University of Rostock which counts to the 10 best IT colleges in the German-speaking area. Due to my good performance in my studies, I was  hired immediately as a scientist at the international renowned German Fraunhofer Institute. That’s how I turned my passion for software development into my job.
As a scientist I intensely dealt with the subject software engineering. My research on the development of high quality, efficient and economical software quickly led me to the Test Driven Development and Agile Software Development along with Agile Project Management methods. With my profound and innovative research results, I was able to win innovation prizes from venture capital. As a result, I switched to the privat economy sector in 2010. There I continued to develop in the fields of Chaos Engineering, Agile Software Development and Agile Project Management as Senior Developer and Project Manager.

Since 2013, I am a successful independent consultant in the IT sector. I advice and support large companies in the development of software systems. I am a specialist for Chaos Engineering und Test Driven Development.