My software is efficient and resilient

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Preventive Testing

Testing improves the quality of the software enormously, if testing is done early enough in the software "lifecycle".

Blockchain network concept , Distributed register technology , Block chain code and computer connection with optical flares background. 3D Rendering

Clean Code

Software systems built from clean code are efficient and cost-effective because they are extensible and maintainable.

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Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering is used to test the system for chaotically occurring disturbances and make it resilient.

I am an enthusiastic Software Engineer.

My passion is the development of efficient and economical software.

My demand on software systems is Reliability, Performance and Security.

I am a highly skilled IT Senior Software Engineer and Software Project Manager, specialist for software architecture and software development with a focus on Performance, Load and Resilience. My favorite principles in software development are the innovative techniques Chaos Engineering, Decomposition and the proven Test Driven Development (TDD).

Since 2013, I am a successful independent consultant in the IT sector. I advice and support large companies in the development of software systems.