Testing improves the quality of the software enormously, if testing is done early enough in the software “lifecycle”.              

Craig and Jaskiel:  Systematic Software Testing 2002

Preventiv Testing - My Software is test driven

Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration are the foundation of my software development. Software must be developed efficiently and economically. Time is an important factor because, as we all know, time costs money. Code must therefore be written efficiently. The solution is Pretesting, the development of the software functional test even before coding. This means that any code that executes the smallest functional units of a software system must be tested from the outset. This eliminates functional vulnerabilities even before coding. It also reveals early on what additional requirements are needed to successfully program a single function of the program.

Initially, the test environment is empty, there is no working code yet, the test is negative, it does not work. The code is written and tested until the test is successful.

Writing the tests before writing the code reveals early if there are any difficulties in the functionality of the written code. It immediately shows which additional requirements are necessary for the code to function smoothly or whether the requirements specifications need to be changed.