My project: FutureTV

FutureTV is a leading provider of video and in stream advertising in german speaking countries.
The transformation from a line organization to an agile company has resulted in vastly improved work processes. The entire IT area has been rebuilt and migrated to Agile Software Development. The result was a highly robust software for playing videos that works reliably and stably under maximum load. The performance of the software could be increased by a factor of 4, which generates a huge operating profit.

Building and renewing the IT department. Architecture of powerful, robust software for playing video content. Handling and evaluation of very large amounts of data -Big Data- for medium sized companies and start ups.

In this project, I took over the management of the entire IT department and successfully rebuilt the team. With the introduction of Agile Project Management with Scrum and Kanban, the work processes were much more efficient. Here I was supported and trained on site by a workshop with Boris Gloger. The efficiency of the team and the goal oriented working in the team has been increased enormously.
The introduction of the system improvement approach DevOps increased the quality of the playback software in a short time. Load Balancing and database optimization by switching to a redundant database cluster led to a significant improvement in performance. The system has been optimized and converted for use on the cloud. Under my management, the video playback software has been sustainably built into a very robust and powerful system. This was achieved by rigorously testing the functions and corresponding code in Test Driven Development. The performance of the software could be increased by a factor of 4, which generated a huge operating profit.