The Golden Age of

Spaghetti Code

The current software crisis is based on the poor maintainability of old or unprofessionally created software systems. Then as now, people shied away from the supposed extra effort of consistently testing code. The result is software systems that are not extensible or maintainable. In inconsistently tested software, it is no longer possible to recognize the functional relationships of the code in retrospect. This is called the spaghetti code problem. In the event of problems in such a software system, it is therefore very difficult or impossible to test the individual components retrospectively. Attempting to make changes or add extensions to such a system requires considerable effort or is not possible at all. Often, reprogramming is the only way out. This represents an enormous financial feat and entrepreneurial risk for a company.

You want to change, extend or maintain this system? Good Luck with that.

Clean Code

The Next Generation

So what we want is Clean Code. Every single component was consistently tested and implemented into the system in an orderly manner. As a result, the functional relationships between the code components are clearly recognizable. These software systems are expandable and easy to maintain at any time due to their tested ordered structure.

This system is tested and implemented in an orderly manner. Congratulation You can change and extend this system.