With the Agile Software Engineering method which is used by us you will get a software product  that can be adjusted during the development phase but can also be customized in the future according to your requirements and needs. Short interactive and iterative coordination periods between customer and project team promotes an intensive and clear structured communication. This gives space for technical changes and outcome reviews after each development phase. As a result, the customer is provided with a quick solution which he can use and built on it. We use the most successful agile development processes like Scrum, XP or Canban adjusted to your needs.

Test Driven Development – TDD

TDD is an important part of the Agile Software Development procedure. The single software application components are consequently testet already during the development phase hence the software architecture is clean and testable. There are no code duplications because of  knocking out  them through consistent refactorization.

  • The code quality accompanied with software quality is significantly increased. This reduces the maintenance requirements in future considerably.
  • The software architecture is plain and clear.
  • The software development is highly effective and efficient due to early error detection and error removal.

Continous Integration

In the agile software development the Continuous Integration process assembles the tested single program segments into a total code base. Automated tests  – Build Processes – continually review the software functionality – Continous Deployment. The software versions are periodic updated and delivered through automated processes – Continous Delivery.

  • The correctly applied Continous Integration process offers the advantage of an immediate feedback of a software status.
  • Inadvertently integrated errors are identified and corrected as soon as possible.
  • Software errors are smaller and in general less complex and so they are easier to eliminate.